Episode 016: Mental Health and the Local Church (1/17/2018) - As we launch the second season of the Essential Church Podcast, we sat down with Kay Warren and Tommy Hilliker to talk about the Church's role in serving those facing mental illness.   One study showed that 71% percent of clergy do not feel prepared or equipped to handle a mental health crisis… it’s not really talked about in Bible college or seminary…   Reducing the stigma starts with the value: What are we going to be known for in our community as a church? At Saddleback, we want to be known as a church that cares…   Half of Read More
Special Episode: #metoo, the Church, and the kingdom (12/4/2017) - SPECIAL EPISODE – #metoo, the Church, and the kingdom   In this special episode, we're joined by two leaders from the New Life Church staff to address the conversation happening around the #ChurchToo hashtag and to talk about how to cultivate a staff environment that empowers women to lead.     The worst thing we can do right now is ignore this topic… the Church needs to lead the way…   The Scriptures are very clear that God created male and female… the most empowering book ever written for women is the Bible… Jesus empowered women to do ministry…   One Read More
Episode 015: Building Bridges (11/29/2017) - In this week's podcast, we take a listen to a recent radio story that tells the story of our recent merger with Iglesia Nueva Vida, a local Spanish-speaking congregation in our city, and now the newest part of the New Life Church family.   EPISODE 015 – BUILDING BRIDGES – SHOW NOTES   On a macro-level, New Life Church was making a prophetic pronouncement that the Church was going to show the world how to live together…   The body of Christ has the ability to show a very divided world how to live together…   The Scriptures describe the Read More
Episode 014: Avoiding Cynicism in Ministry (11/22/2017) - As leaders in the local church, we inevitably encounter criticism from within our congregations and from the outside world. In this week's conversation, we talk about some ways of addressing this criticism in a Godly way, as well as some ways to protect ourselves from encountering criticism unnecessarily.   Episode 014 – Avoiding Cynicism in Ministry – SHOW NOTES   There is an ounce of truth in every pound of criticism…I’ve learned over the years that if I keep hearing consistent criticism…there’s probably some truth in it…   The vocation we have chosen opens us up to a lot of Read More
Episode 013: Developing Ministry with the Hurting (11/15/2017) - EPISODE 013 – SHOW NOTES – DEVELOPING MINISTRY WITH THE HURTING For this week's podcast, we were joined by Matthew Ayers, CEO of Dream Centers of Colorado Springs to talk about how the local church can lead the way in serving the most vulnerable people in their cities.   Churches are notoriously bad listeners… the Christian community in America needs to do a better job of asking better questions and listening to the city’s response, and then stepping to the front of the line to meet those needs…   It was amazing to me how much good work was happening Read More
Episode 012: Blending the Contemplative and Charismatic (11/8/2017) - For this episode of the Essential Church podcast, we're joined by Pastor Rich Villodas of New Life Fellowship in Queens, NY to discuss the contemplative and charismatic traditions of the Church. We started noticing that we had lots of gifts, but not a love of love and character… our church went in search of something more to try to balance out…   I think we have to root the contemplative and the charismatic streams in the ground of a robust Pneumatology… the intent of the Scriptures is the coming of God’s presence among his people…   If the Holy Spirit Read More
Episode 011: The Church and Race (11/1/2017) - For this week's podcast, we're joined by Pastor Derwin Gray of Transformation Church in Charlotte, North Carolina for a conversation on race, diversity, and leading multiethnic churches.     Episode 011 – SHOW NOTES – Derwin Gray – The Church and Race   We believe that the church is God’s primary vehicle to transform the world, and for us, being multiethnic is intrinsic to the Gospel…   Theology is for ecclesiology… God wants a family… and this message isn’t preached… we’ve stripped the Bible of its context and we wonder why we struggle with discipleship…   A homogenous church would Read More
Episode 010: Lessons from 10 Years Pt. 2 (10/25/2017) - We're picking up where we left off last week and continuing a conversation about the lessons learned from Pastor Brady's ten years of ministry at New Life Church. Our hope is that these lessons would resonate with and encourage you.   SHOW NOTES – 010 – Lessons from 10 Years Pt 2   For your young leaders, serve your way into relationship… a lot of mentoring happens when you’re just present…   Millennials tend to have this idea of what a mentoring relationship needs to look like, that it has to be perfect and romantic and ideal… I would say Read More
Episode 009: Lessons from 10 Years Pt. 1 (10/18/2017) - Pastor Brady recently celebrated ten years of leading New Life Church as the Senior Pastor. In this episode, we looked back on the past decade and talk about the lessons learned. We hope that these lessons will apply to your ministry and will help strengthen your churches.     Along with listening to this podcast, check out this recent article from Outreach Magazine that tells the miracle stories of the last ten years at New Life Church. Episode 009 SHOW NOTES – Ten Years, Ten Lessons   There were three things that allowed New Life to survive and thrive… we Read More
Episode 008: Restoring Fallen Leaders (10/11/2017) - In this episode, we're joined by two incredible leaders, Pastor Jimmy Evans and Pastor Tom Lane. Not only have they led faithfully in local churches for most of their lives, they've also played integral roles in restoring fallen leaders back to health. So we sat down with them and asked them to share their wisdom. We pray that it blesses and encourages you.   Episode 008 – Restoring Fallen Leaders   Repentance is everything… everything is possible when you’re dealing with a repentant leader   Don’t go faster than the heart of the person you are trying to restore… 100% Read More