Episode 041: The Art of Making Big Decisions – Eight Questions to Ask (10/17/2018) - In this episode, we sit down to discuss eight questions leaders should ask themselves as they follow the Lord’s leading through big decisions.     [You can see Pastor Brady’s Eight Questions at the bottom of the podcast notes. If you are able, it might be helpful to view these while listening!]   I’m finding that seminaries are turning out great preachers and teachers… but by their own admission they have fallen short in preparing young men and women for the entrepreneurial [aspects of pastoring]… A lot of pastors make big mistakes that cost them equity with their congregations…   Read More
Special Episode: Announcing The Essential Church Learning Community (10/10/2018) - In this episode, we sit down to talk about the “what” and “why” behind the launch of our Essential Church Learning Community.     https://newlifechurch.brushfire.com/events/447094   On Feb 19-20thof 2019 we’re launching our first Essential Church Learning Community… We want to get together with leaders who are hungry to learn in an intentional environment… to explore topics we’re all wrestling with…   In a traditional conference setting, you have one person on the stage giving their best talk… I often walk away from those with 30 questions about what I’ve heard… usually there isn’t space for that in those conferences… Read More
Episode 040: A Conversation with Matt Brown (10/2/2018) - For this conversation, we sat down with Matt Brown to talk about the joy and challenge of evangelism, and how to do it the Jesus Way.     Matt Brown: https://www.thinke.org/ Pre-order “Truth Plus Love”: https://www.amazon.com/dp/0310355249/   When Billy Graham passed away it made me think, “What next step do I need to take to help reach this generation with the gospel?”   Pastors need people like me (evangelists) who are passionate about sharing the gospel outside the church… if you struggle with evangelism, find people who inspire you and find ways to step outside in your everyday life…   Read More
Episode 039: A Conversation with Lisa Bevere (9/25/2018) - For this conversation, we sat down with nationally recognized author and speaker, Lisa Bevere to talk about life, marriage, ministry, and her latest book, "Adamant."     There is a challenge in our day to merge truth and love… we have to know the Word of God but also have the leading of the Spirit…   I started to see that everyone saw that the truth was fluid… I found myself wondering what was happening in our culture… many people are finding themselves overwhelmed by information with no clarity [about what is true] …   Jesus is our “adamant” which Read More
Episode 038: A Conversation with Clayton King (9/19/2018) - For this conversation, we sit down with Clayton King and discuss the leadership structure of Newspring Church and the value of healthy confrontation.     http://www.essentialchurchconference.com/   We have lead pastors, teaching pastors, and campus pastors… each one of our campuses has a campus pastor who handles the day-in and day-out and preaches occasionally…   Our lead pastors—there are four: a pastor of culture and vision, a pastor of ministries, a pastor of finances and facilities, and a pastor of campuses—serve together in a lead pastor role…   Then we have three teaching pastors who preach and teach and create Read More
Episode 037: Courageous Preaching (9/12/2018) - For this conversation, we discuss how courageous preaching requires us to say things that are costly.     CONFERENCE LINK: http://www.essentialchurchconference.com/. Use promo code 'CO20' to receive $20 OFF every registration of three or more.   I feel quite honestly that pastors are choosing the charming, winsome, attractional side of preaching at the expense of calling people into the greater good of following Jesus…   Every pastor in America is being compared to the four or five most popular preachers… all week long our congregations have instant access to the ten or twelve most popular preachers, and then they gather to Read More
Episode 036: Contending for the Spirit (9/5/2018) - For this conversation, Pastors Brady Boyd, Andrew Arndt, and Dr. Glenn Packiam talk about the importance of prayer, and how we are called to lead ministries with prayer at their core, at their essence.   When was the last time that you were surprised? I ask myself often, “When was the last time I was surprised by God’s breaking forth into my world?”   It is possible for us to become church programming experts who can do this without the surprise of the empowering presence of the Spirit…   The Creed says that the Spirit is the GIVER of life, Read More
Episode 035: A Conversation with Louie Giglio (8/28/2018) - For this conversation, we sit down with Louie Giglio and discuss the Passion movement, worship, and everything in-between.   I love that crossroads of life that is the university moment… we said yes to God and 22 years later we’re still gathering students… it’s not a conference really, or an event, but a purposed movement praying God will open eyes to see what life is really about—the glory of God…   We weren’t trying to build a monument; we were trying to be a fuse, we wanted to be an explosion, we wanted to see God start doing something that Read More
Episode 034: Reflections on Willow Creek (8/22/2018) - For this conversation, we discuss the situation at Willow Creek and how this should cause us to reflect and pay attention in a deeper way.   This situation should cause us to reflect and pay attention in a deeper way…   There are three groups of people here: the victims, the congregation, and Bill and the leadership—it’s important to separate those groups of people, and each group needs special attention…   But it starts first with those who were violated… those victims need to be listened to and given every opportunity to heal… they need our primary attention…   The Read More
New Resource: Roman’s Preaching Guide (5/16/2018) - Hey Essential Church friends—   We’re really excited to share with you a resource we’ve developed.   Last fall our teaching team at New Life preached through the entire book of Romans. It was a thrilling and incredibly enriching experience that left both our congregation and our teaching team edified.   To guide us as a team on our journey, we created the Romans Preacher’s Guide; which we’re now making available to you on Amazon.   The guide includes: A short historical and theological overview of the book of Romans Big “preaching themes” to keep in mind Reflections and suggested Read More