Episode 070: A Conversation with Ray Johnston (10/9/2019) - In this episode we sit down with Pastor Ray Johnston of Bayside Church in Sacramento to talk about church health, growth, and the kind of leadership both require. Health is more important than growth… I always wanted to pastor a church that the closer you got to the core, the healthier it would be… People are attracted to health… we don’t have growth goals and have never set growth goals… if something is healthy and visionary, it will likely grow…  Our secret is our team… team ministry is important to us… we spent years praying and talking about our leadership Read More
Episode 069: An Interview with Sean Morgan (10/2/2019) - In this episode we sit down with Sean Morgan to talk about some current trends among leaders in the North American church. The number one thing I am encouraged by is the caliber of leaders I am meeting in the church today… I am very encouraged by their obedience of these leaders…   The sad part about the “A-game” leader is that they can get used and abused very quickly when the church gets off mission… A lot of churches have fancy mission statements, but the truth is that the mission is the Great Commission and the Great Commandment taken Read More
Episode 068: Blessed, Broken, Given (9/25/2019) - In this episode we sit down with Pastor Glenn Packiam to talk with him about his new book “Blessed, Broken, Given.”. Jesus didn’t give us a theory of the atonement; he gave us a meal… bread is the most common food item around the world… the commonness of bread speaks to us of how God takes the common and fills it with his glory…  The Holy Spirit meets us through all kinds of means… the Lord’s Table is called a sacrament because it is a visible sign of an invisible grace… the bread and wine are meant to speak to Read More
Episode 067: Remarkable Pt. 2 (9/18/2019) - In this episode we continue and conclude our conversation with Pastor Brady about his new book, Remarkable. Be sure to listen to Part 1 HERE. Issues of race are deep-rooted in our culture, and we in the church need to step up and say that there is a better way… All of us need to respond to issues of race, and we each need to know the condition of our hearts… are we being gracious and empathetic, are we listening to people’s stories and experiences…?  The reason that slavery got abolished is because Christians got involved… it was so tied Read More
Episode 066: Remarkable Pt. 1 (9/10/2019) - In this episode (part 1 of 2) Andrew Arndt, Glenn Packiam, and Daniel Grothe sit down with Pastor Brady to talk about his new book Remarkable. Paul had the same challenge that we have when he went into Corinth… the city of Corinth was sexualized and entertainment-driven and violent, and people were grasping for power and cheap money… it looks a lot like our culture today… The question is, are we going to oppose the culture, or are we going to influence the culture? It starts with our own decision to live out the teachings of Jesus in a remarkable Read More
Episode 065: Be Merciful to Those Who Doubt (9/4/2019) - In this episode Glenn Packiam and Andrew Arndt sit down to talk about how to walk wisely, compassionately, and pastorally with people experiencing a crisis of faith. I want people to know when they come to me that they are okay and that they are not the first people to wonder about these things… that it’s okay to be where you are, and that’s why we need one another… The struggle with faith is itself a good struggle… Christian faith grows out of the root of Israel… Jacob wrestles with God and God blesses him and changes his name to Read More
Episode 064: What Are Summers For? (Pt 2) (5/14/2019) - In this episode we pick up our conversation on summers to talk about the purpose of pastoral sabbaticals. Every fulltime employee on our staff gets a sabbatical at least once every seven years…  More and more companies around the country are allowing extended leave, recognizing the value of extended time off during key periods of a person’s life…  When you give your employees extended time away to refuel, in the long run you’ll get more productivity… the cost of replacing that employee is far greater than the cost of giving them time off…  The first time I had a sabbatical Read More
Episode 063: What Are Summers For? (Pt 1) (5/7/2019) - In Part 1 of What Are Summers For?, we talk about the personal side and the organizational side of summers and how to make the best use of them. It’s important for pastors to plan to rest… if you don’t plan to rest, you won’t rest… so many pastors don’t take vacations…  Summer is a time to show trust to your team… disappear and show them that you trust them and don’t call every other day to find out how they’re doing…  Summer is a great time to play… there’s space for a restoration of childlikeness… for me, I get Read More
Episode 062: The Old Testament and the Church (Pt 2) (5/1/2019) - This is part 2 of our conversation on how the Old Testament and the New Testament relate, and how we can faithfully preach and teach the Old Testament in the Church. There is no kingdom without law, without rule… if there is a king, there are people who live under the king’s way, his rule… The giving of the Law at Sinai begins with grace… he rescued them from slavery, saying, “I want to be yours and I want you to be mine, and this is what that looks like…” The Law at Sinai both confirms and establishes the covenant, Read More
Episode 061: The Post Easter Blues (4/23/2019) - In this episode Pastor Brady and Andrew sit down to talk about some “do’s” and “don’ts” for pastors in the week following Easter. The first thing is to celebrate the wins… that should be the focus of this week… so many great things happened… you need to fixate on that…  You need to take some time this week to celebrate each other… this is the week to pat people on the back and tell them how great it all was… celebrate the big wins and the little wins… Another thing to do this week, after all the celebrations – this Read More