Episode 094: All Flame (9/9/2020) - In this episode we sit down to talk about Andrew Arndt’s new book All Flame: Entering into the Life of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. (Available on Amazon HERE!) Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel and follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to stay connected with us throughout the week! God’s intent with the human life is not to displace our humanity but to sit within in and radiate through it so that we become all flame… it’s not something for the spiritual elite, and no one’s life is better calibrated for holiness than anyone else’s… Read More
Episode 093: Covid-19: Where Are We Now? (9/2/2020) - Welcome to the start of Season 7 of the Essential Church Podcast. In this episode we sit down to discuss the state of the church seven months into Covid-19. We’re seeing that fear is a powerful motivator… fear is front and center in our culture right now… pastors are wrestling with it in a way they haven’t before… Pastors weren’t trained for this in seminary… they weren’t trained in social media or on the nuances of the culture right now… I am concerned that if we’re not careful we are going to see a mass exodus of pastors from pastoral Read More
Episode 092: A Conversation on Race (6/24/2020) - In this episode, we share a conversation we recently had at New Life Church on race, racism, and our hope for unity. Subscribe and Watch our conversation on our YouTube channel here.
Episode 091: An Interview with N.T. Wright Pt. 2 (6/17/2020) - In this episode, Andrew, Glenn, Jason, and Daniel chat about what they’ve learned over the years from NT Wright. Be sure to catch part 1 of Glenn’s conversation with Wright HERE. Subscribe and Watch our conversation on our YouTube channel here. ------------------------ One of the things we do with crisis is we ask, “How did we get here?” and try to assign blame… and of course we want to get out of it as soon as possible… telling the story of Jesus won’t let us escape the sojourn… Jesus is the one who is the companion in the sojourn… Jesus Read More
Episode 090: An Interview with N.T. Wright (6/8/2020) - In this episode we sit down with world-renowned New Testament scholar N.T. Wright to talk about his new book “God and the Pandemic” as well as the way Gospel addresses racism. Subscribe and Watch our interview with N.T. Wright on our YouTube channel here. ------------------------ Obviously there are plenty of things in the Old Testament which are about people misbehaving and God producing specific judgments—a plague or being defeated in battle or whatever it may be. But there are many other passages in the Old Testament—with the book of Job in the middle—which say “Yeah, bad things happen, but this Read More
Episode 089: When Is It Time To Plant A Church? (5/20/2020) - In this, the final episode of Season 6, we sit down to talk about how to know when the time and circumstances are right to plant a church. (Note: this episode was recorded before COVID-19.) Every church that’s in existence today exists because someone felt a tug… it begins in the heart of someone… someone has to say yes… I think it’s time to plant a church when the right person and the right geographical location are married… A church planter needs to be sent by a sending church… all the church planting movements and networks say that the highest Read More
Episode 088: The Church in an Election Year (5/13/2020) - In this episode we talk about the challenge of pastoring in an election year. (Note—this episode was recorded before Covid-19 hit, which is why there is no reference to it.) I’ve been accused of believing that politics aren’t important; I believe they are EXTREMELY important, because the laws that are passed by our officials will affect the most vulnerable among us… Miroslav Volf says, “A great government gives everyone the conditions opportunities and tools to live a flourishing life” – this is a fantastic reason for the church to engage in politics… We have become not a prophetic voice but Read More
Episode 087: An Interview with Tom Holland Pt. 2 (5/6/2020) - In this episode we sit down for the second of a two part interview with best-selling writer and historian Tom Holland talking about his breathtaking book Dominion: How the Christian Revolution Remade the World. This is part 2 of 2. No one rejects the concept of human rights… but when you ask, “Where did you get that idea from and why do you believe in them?” it is ultimately as theological idea as believing that Jesus Christ was raised from the dead on the third day… Human rights do not objectively exist… you can’t say that you’re superior to theology Read More
Episode 086: An Interview with Tom Holland Pt. 1 (4/29/2020) - In this episode we sit down with best-selling writer and historian Tom Holland to talk about his breathtaking book Dominion: How the Christian Revolution Remade the World. This is part 1 of 2. This book was very personal for me… I was raised Anglican, and enjoyed the Bible, but generally found it less interesting than dinosaurs, and eventually the Romans… so when I started writing history, I started writing about the Romans… but the more I wrote about them, the stranger they became to me… I started realizing that this was so because of deeply Christian assumptions I held… Dominion Read More
Episode 085: Chasing Wisdom (4/22/2020) - In this episode we sit down with Pastor Daniel Grothe to talk with him about his book, Chasing Wisdom (released on April 21st). Grab your copy over at Amazon! This is the first book I chose to write because this is how I was raised… my parents would take us to nursing homes, and tell us to ask good questions… I thought everyone did that… it was instilled in me from an early age… I asked Eugene Peterson if I could come and spend a day with him… he responded “yes, but not so fast…” At the end of his Read More