Essential Church Podcast

The Essential Church Podcast exists to strengthen and encourage pastors and thought leaders around the world through weekly conversations about some of the most important and challenging issues facing the local church.

Hosted by pastors Brady Boyd, Andrew Arndt, Daniel Grothe, and Glenn Packiam, the Essential Church podcast features interviews with folks like Louie Giglio, Preston Sprinkle, Pete Greig, and Warren Bird, practical conversations regarding things like preaching and teaching, evangelism, and developing leaders, as well as cultural conversations around issues like racism and #metoo.

Episode 074: A Conversation with Amy Julia Becker

In this episode we sit down to talk with author Amy Julia Becker about her book White Picket Fences: Turning Toward Love in a World Divided by Privilege. PlayStop X I was planning on writing a book about children’s literature… I began to notice that the books I read...

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Episode 073: Discipleship and Spiritual Formation

In this episode we sit down with Sarah and Jason Jackson to talk about discipleship and spiritual formation and what we can do in our churches to encourage it. PlayStop X Spiritual formation language can be helpful because it helps direct our attention to the holistic...

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Episode 072: Evangelism: What and How

In this episode Andrew, Glenn Packiam, and Jason Jackson sit down to talk about how to tilt the culture of our churches towards evangelism, and how they’ve seen the Spirit use the ministry of Alpha to help. PlayStop X Barna did a study about evangelism and while there...

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Episode 071: A Conversation with Tim Lucas and Warren Bird

In this episode we sit down with Tim Lucas and Warren Bird to talk about their new book Liquid Church and what they are seeing the Spirit do both on the east coast and across the country. PlayStop X We call our church “bapticostal”… we are open to the Holy Spirit but...

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Episode 070: A Conversation with Ray Johnston

In this episode we sit down with Pastor Ray Johnston of Bayside Church in Sacramento to talk about church health, growth, and the kind of leadership both require. PlayStop X Health is more important than growth… I always wanted to pastor a church that the closer you...

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Episode 069: An Interview with Sean Morgan

In this episode we sit down with Sean Morgan to talk about some current trends among leaders in the North American church. PlayStop X The number one thing I am encouraged by is the caliber of leaders I am meeting in the church today… I am very encouraged by their...

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Episode 068: Blessed, Broken, Given

In this episode we sit down with Pastor Glenn Packiam to talk with him about his new book “Blessed, Broken, Given.”. PlayStop X Jesus didn’t give us a theory of the atonement; he gave us a meal… bread is the most common food item around the world… the commonness of...

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Episode 067: Remarkable Pt. 2

In this episode we continue and conclude our conversation with Pastor Brady about his new book, Remarkable. Be sure to listen to Part 1 HERE. PlayStop X Issues of race are deep-rooted in our culture, and we in the church need to step up and say that there is a better...

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Episode 066: Remarkable Pt. 1

In this episode (part 1 of 2) Andrew Arndt, Glenn Packiam, and Daniel Grothe sit down with Pastor Brady to talk about his new book Remarkable. PlayStop X Paul had the same challenge that we have when he went into Corinth… the city of Corinth was sexualized and...

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