Essential Church Podcast

The Essential Church Podcast exists to strengthen and encourage pastors and thought leaders around the world through weekly conversations about some of the most important and challenging issues facing the local church.

Hosted by pastors Brady Boyd, Andrew Arndt, Daniel Grothe, and Glenn Packiam, the Essential Church podcast features interviews with folks like Louie Giglio, Preston Sprinkle, Pete Greig, and Warren Bird, practical conversations regarding things like preaching and teaching, evangelism, and developing leaders, as well as cultural conversations around issues like racism and #metoo.

Episode 085: Chasing Wisdom

In this episode we sit down with Pastor Daniel Grothe to talk with him about his book, Chasing Wisdom (released on April 21st). Grab your copy over at Amazon! PlayStop X This is the first book I chose to write because this is how I was raised… my parents would take us...

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Episode 084: Pastoral Wisdom for Coping with Covid

In this episode we sit down to talk about how Covid-19 has impacted us as well as some best practices we’re learning as we navigate this. (Also, in a related conversation, Andrew and Glenn sat down this same week with Dr. Mark Mayfield to talk about Covid-19 from a...

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Episode 083: An Interview with Matthew Bates

In this podcast we sit down with New Testament scholar Matthew Bates to talk about what he means by “gospel allegiance”. PlayStop X We’ve missed what the gospel means and what faith means, and in light of that the whole package has been skewed… What I am trying to say...

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Episode 082: The Art of Songwriting

In this episode we sit down with Jon Egan and Micah Massey to talk about the agony, ecstasy, and discipline of songwriting. PlayStop X Songs begin in the amateur’s heart and are finished in the craftsman’s hands… I have to start with childlike wonder and playfulness,...

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Episode 081: 10 Hopes and Prayers Pt. 2

In this episode we sit down to conclude our conversation on Andrew’s article “10 Hopes and Prayers for the next 10 years.” (The original article can be found here.) PlayStop X Church is at once the most mysterious thing on planet earth and also the most ordinary thing...

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Episode 080: 10 Hopes and Prayers Pt. 1

In this episode we sit down to talk about an article written by Andrew on 10 hopes and prayers for the next 10 years. (The original article can be found here.) PlayStop X I would love to see the church become more spiritual… there is a vacancy of mystery in the...

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Episode 079: Four Rules for Teams

In this episode we discuss four rules for how teams should function in their meetings. PlayStop X Rule number one is you have to tell the truth… if it’s a bad idea, we want to hear about it… I need people in meetings who will tell the truth… I would rather hear that...

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Episode 078: The Essential Church Learning Community

In this episode, we revisit a conversation to talk about the “what” and “why” behind the launch of our Essential Church Learning Community. PlayStop X Register for the Essential Church Learning Community HERE On Feb 19-20thof 2019 we’re launching our first Essential...

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Episode 077: An Interview with Preston Sprinkle

In this episode we sit down with the founder and director of the Center for Faith, Sexuality, and Gender, Dr. Preston Sprinkle, to talk about what it looks like to really love our LGBTQ neighbors. PlayStop X This started as an academic challenge for me, but it quickly...

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