Essential Church Podcast

The Essential Church Podcast exists to strengthen and encourage pastors and thought leaders around the world through weekly conversations about some of the most important and challenging issues facing the local church.

Hosted by pastors Brady Boyd, Andrew Arndt, Daniel Grothe, and Glenn Packiam, the Essential Church podcast features interviews with folks like Louie Giglio, Preston Sprinkle, Pete Greig, and Warren Bird, practical conversations regarding things like preaching and teaching, evangelism, and developing leaders, as well as cultural conversations around issues like racism and #metoo.

Episode 146: Steve Carter – The Gift of Pain

In this episode we sit down with author and pastor Steve Carter to talk about times of crisis and what it looks like to receive the good gifts of God in them.  PlayStop X Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel and follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to...

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Episode 144: A Conversation with Sharon & Ike Miller

In this episode we sit down with Sharon and Ike Miller, co-pastors of Bright City Church in Raleigh-Durham, Carolina to talk about life, ministry, and what they’re learning about leading well together. PlayStop X Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel and follow...

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Episode 143: Katelyn Beaty – Celebrities for Jesus

In this episode we sit down to talk with Katelyn Beaty about her book Celebrities for Jesus—on the perils of celebrity in the evangelical world and what we can do to counteract it.  PlayStop X Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel and follow us on...

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Episode 140: Equipping our Youth for the Mission of God

In this episode we chat with Greg Stier, the founder and CEO of Dare to Share, which equips youth leaders and students in relational evangelism. We chat with him about best practices for doing just that. You can learn more about Greg HERE. And also download a free...

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