Episode 165: A Conversation with Jared Patrick Boyd

On this episodes hosts Andrew Arndt and Daniel Grothe have a conversation with Jared Patrick Boyd, a pastor, spiritual director, and founding director of the Order of the Common Life. In this conversation, the trio dive into Jared’s complex origin story of church and the Christian ‘story.,’ as well as the topic of Christian deconstruction — and how a study of theology and contemplative prayer brought him back to a deeper need for the love of God. 

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Host: Andrew Arndt

Co-Host: Daniel Grothe

Guest: Jared Patrick Boyd (see below for info on Jared’s upcoming book)

BOOK: Finding Freedom in Constraint

BOOK INFO: ⁠https://www.ivpress.com/finding-freedom-in-constraint⁠

PRESS KIT: ⁠https://www.ivpress.com/Media/Default/Press-Kits/A0431-press.pdf⁠

EXCERPT: ⁠https://www.ivpress.com/Media/Default/Downloads/Excerpts-and-Samples/A0431-excerpt.pdf⁠

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