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Visit Colorado each spring and fall and take part in the conversation.



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Essential Church Learning Community

This is rare opportunity for senior level church leaders to think out loud with like-minded leaders…and even to be challenged as iron sharpens iron.

Join us September 24-25 at New Life Church in Colorado Springs, CO. In September we will have conversations around the topic of Building Great Teams. We’ll talk about the basics of healthy staff culture, recruiting and developing talent, leading through conflict, and more. This will be a great ECLC for you to bring your entire staff team to. Two full days of rich conversation.

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Podcasts and Blogs

Episode 165: A Conversation with Jared Patrick Boyd

On this episodes hosts Andrew Arndt and Daniel Grothe have a conversation with Jared Patrick Boyd, a pastor, spiritual director, and founding director of the Order of the Common Life. In this conversation, the trio dive into Jared’s complex origin story of church and the Christian ‘story.,’ as well as the topic of Christian deconstruction […]

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Episode 164: A Conversation with Ian Simkins

On this episode of Essential Church, Andrew and Daniel sit down with Pastor Ian Simkins who joins us from Nashville. They discuss pastoring and how storytelling can shape how we pastor.  Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel and follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to stay connected with us throughout the week! […]

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Episode 163: How to Have Difficult Conversations

On this episode of Essential Church, Andrew and Rory sit down with Eddie Hoagland, one of the Senior Executive Pastors of New Life Church. Eddie shares different ways to approach and have difficult conversations.  Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel and follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to stay connected with us […]

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Episode 162: A Conversation with Brit Windel

On this brief episode of Essential Church, Andrew and Rory sit down with Brit Windel a pastor and church planter from Kenosha, Wisconsin. Brit shares the story of Daybreak Church, a church that is ‘making much of Jesus’ and serving the city. Brit’s story is one of faithfulness, longevity and serving.  Be sure to subscribe […]

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Episode 161: A Conversation with Kenneth Tanner

On this week’s episode Andrew and Daniel are joined by Ken Tanner, Pastor of Church of the Holy Redeemer in Rochester Hills, Michigan. Ken takes the time to wade through his own story of life and maturity, as well as the complexities of living a life devoted to ministry(2:30). Much of Ken’s life and ministry […]

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Episode 160: A Conversation with Greg Waybright

Greg is a former university president and pastor, and Andrew and Daniel start a conversation around how to sustain longevity in ministry (01:18).  The trio lean into a discussion around Sabbath and work, and the reciprocal relationship they hold for pastoral faithfulness (11:05). The pod wraps up with an emphasis on the pastoral relationships we need […]

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Episode 159: A Conversation with Geoff Holsclaw

Andrew and Geoff Holsclaw sit down to discuss how the field of neuroscience and spiritual formation intersect in the life of faith (3:43). Andrew and Geoff go on to discuss how these new fields of combined study can actually help people who are beginning to wrestle with, or even deconstruct their faith (12:45). A rabbit […]

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Episode 157: A Conversation with Derek Vreeland

Andrew and special guest, Derek Vreeland have a detailed discussion around Derek’s new book Centering Jesus: How the Lamb of God Transforms Our Communities, Ethics, and Spiritual Lives. One of the core values of Essential Church is that Jesus is at the center, and this is exactly what Derek’s book reveals — from the book […]

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