An ongoing conversation about the most important issues facing the local church today.

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Each week, you will get a chance to listen in on a conversation about an essential element of local church ministry. Pastors Brady Boyd, Andrew Arndt, Daniel Grothe, and Glenn Packiam will host conversations about a variety of issues facing the local church today.


Podcasts and Blogs

Episode 060: The Old Testament and the Church (Pt 1)

In this episode (part 1 of 2) we sit down to talk about the challenge of preaching and teaching Christ in and from the Old Testament. When I first started reading the Bible I was drawn to the Old Testament because the stories seemed more colorful… but admittedly I read it more like Aesop’s fables… […]

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Episode 059: Why Pastors Want to Quit

In this episode we sit down to talk about some of the things that make pastors want to quit the ministry, and what we can do about it. One of the things I’ve seen is that pastors are discouraged… social media gives people the ability to give immediate feedback, and hardly ever is it positive… […]

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Episode 058: An Interview with Jimmy Mellado

In this episode Pastor Brady sits down with Jimmy Mellado, the president of Compassion International, for a wide-ranging interview on his background, the sources of poverty, and the challenges of leadership.     My mom said to me, “When someone grows up in poverty, they never think it is going to be a benefit to […]

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Episode 057: The Pastoral Workweek

In this episode we sit down to talk about the central tasks of pastoral ministry and how to delegate and manage your time accordingly.     I have to do three things: lead the team, teach and preach, and be a shepherd to the congregation that’s in front of me… it’s hard to put a […]

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Episode 056: Jon Egan “Unveil” Interview

In this episode we sit down to talk with our dear friend and worship leader Jon Egan about his new album “Unveil” and all that he’s seeing and learning as a worship leader and songwriter. (You can pre-order Unveil wherever good music is sold online. You’ll get one song each week till the album releases […]

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Episode 055: Good Manners for Guest Speakers

In this episode we sit down to talk about the what’s and why’s behind choosing guest speakers, as well as some “good manners” for guest speakers to abide by.     Part of the reason to have guest speakers is to bring something to your church that doesn’t exist on your team… like a new […]

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Episode 054: Tithing

In this episode we sit down about the spiritual discipline of tithing. Is it still a valid New Testament practice? What does the Scripture teach? How should we talk about it?     Tithing is the beginning point of generosity not the end point… when people argue with me about tithing, they’re never arguing because […]

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Episode 053: The Why’s and How’s of Global Engagement

In this episode we sit down to talk about how the local church can responsibly and wisely enter into a robust engagement with the work of God’s Spirit around the world.     The mission of God has been a global story from the beginning… the trick that happens with any local church is that […]

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Episode 052: Leading From The Middle

In this episode we discuss the opportunities and challenges of leading “from the middle” of an organization. How do we become catalysts for health, creativity, and even vision when we don’t occupy the so-called “first chair”?     There’s a whole band of leadership that takes place “from the middle” where we are leading “upward” […]

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What is essential to your ministry? Follow along as we rediscover the things that every local church ministry needs to thrive.

Brady Boyd Senior Pastor, New Life Church, Colorado Springs

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