Episode 083: An Interview with Matthew Bates (3/11/2020) - In this podcast we sit down with New Testament scholar Matthew Bates to talk about what he means by “gospel allegiance”. We’ve missed what the gospel means and what faith means, and in light of that the whole package has been skewed… What I am trying to say is that the gospel focuses on Jesus’ kingship, and in light of that, faith is the allegiance that we give to the king… we haven’t paid enough attention to this… The gospel is the news that Jesus is the saving king, the victorious king… the Bible itself summarizes the gospel that way… Read More
Episode 082: The Art of Songwriting (3/4/2020) - In this episode we sit down with Jon Egan and Micah Massey to talk about the agony, ecstasy, and discipline of songwriting. Songs begin in the amateur’s heart and are finished in the craftsman’s hands… I have to start with childlike wonder and playfulness, and eventually something will take form… The longer I’ve been writing, the harder it’s getting, but also the more rewarding it’s getting… sometimes the process is playful, but the majority of the time it is a wrestling match… There’s a lot of humility and openhandedness involved in songwriting, especially in a cowriting situation… you know it’s Read More
Episode 081: 10 Hopes and Prayers Pt. 2 (2/26/2020) - In this episode we sit down to conclude our conversation on Andrew’s article “10 Hopes and Prayers for the next 10 years.” (The original article can be found here.) Church is at once the most mysterious thing on planet earth and also the most ordinary thing on planet earth… the way that we live together is itself a testimony to the world of what the world will one day be when God is all in all… The church is an embodiment of a new possibility for living… but it can’t do that if what it’s exporting to the world is Read More
Episode 080: 10 Hopes and Prayers Pt. 1 (2/19/2020) - In this episode we sit down to talk about an article written by Andrew on 10 hopes and prayers for the next 10 years. (The original article can be found here.) I would love to see the church become more spiritual… there is a vacancy of mystery in the church… we reduce everything to five easy steps, and it doesn’t satisfy the deepest thirst of the human soul… The church needs to not be ashamed of the one thing it can offer that no one else can… We need to recapture wonder… I think that we’re not surprised enough in Read More
Episode 079: Four Rules for Teams (2/12/2020) - In this episode we discuss four rules for how teams should function in their meetings. Rule number one is you have to tell the truth… if it’s a bad idea, we want to hear about it… I need people in meetings who will tell the truth… I would rather hear that something is a bad idea on Tuesday rather than on Sunday after my sermon… if you are thinking it in a meeting, don’t walk out carrying it with you… If we can’t tell the truth in meetings, over time it will weaken the organization… Rule number two is that Read More
Episode 078: The Essential Church Learning Community (12/11/2019) - In this episode, we revisit a conversation to talk about the “what” and “why” behind the launch of our Essential Church Learning Community. Register for the Essential Church Learning Community HERE On Feb 19-20thof 2019 we’re launching our first Essential Church Learning Community… We want to get together with leaders who are hungry to learn in an intentional environment… to explore topics we’re all wrestling with… In a traditional conference setting, you have one person on the stage giving their best talk… I often walk away from those with 30 questions about what I’ve heard… usually there isn’t space for Read More
Episode 077: An Interview with Preston Sprinkle (12/4/2019) - In this episode we sit down with the founder and director of the Center for Faith, Sexuality, and Gender, Dr. Preston Sprinkle, to talk about what it looks like to really love our LGBTQ neighbors. This started as an academic challenge for me, but it quickly ripped my heart out… the journey has been trying to navigate the tension between biblical faithfulness and yet radically loving people… Many Christians are so concerned to get the truth right that love takes a distant second… love winds up being the icing on the cake rather than the very embodiment of the truth…  Read More
Episode 076: Women in Ministry // (The “Tough” Texts) (11/20/2019) - In this episode, with John MacArthur’s controversial comments regarding Beth Moore in the air, we sit down to talk through some of the key texts for thinking about a theology of women in leadership. The charismatic movement believes that God pours his Spirit out on all people… so in my journey, I’ve always wondered, “What would prevent a woman from preaching?” For me, I came to Christ in high school, and my very first youth pastor was a woman, so I didn’t even realize it was an issue… when I started really reading the Bible, I saw women all over Read More
Episode 075: Creating a Culture of Ongoing Leadership Development (11/13/2019) - In this episode we sit down to talk about how senior leaders can create a culture of ongoing leadership development—both values and methods. It’s so important in ministry to never stop growing… oftentimes churches get a bad rap for using and using up people… our hope is to actually leave people better than when they joined our team…    Pastoral ministry is so diverse and requires a really unique toolbelt… people pick some of those tools up naturally, but struggle with others… if we just assume that they’ll pick everything up on their own, we’re shooting ourselves in the foot… Read More
Episode 074: A Conversation with Amy Julia Becker (11/5/2019) - In this episode we sit down to talk with author Amy Julia Becker about her book White Picket Fences: Turning Toward Love in a World Divided by Privilege. I was planning on writing a book about children’s literature… I began to notice that the books I read to my kids were the ones that were read to me as a child… but I saw that they were all mirrors: they were all about white suburban families who had nice lives and similar problems to ours… I began to recognize that we did not have books about people of color, which Read More