Episode 056: Jon Egan “Unveil” Interview (3/13/2019) - In this episode we sit down to talk with our dear friend and worship leader Jon Egan about his new album “Unveil” and all that he’s seeing and learning as a worship leader and songwriter. (You can pre-order Unveil wherever good music is sold online. You’ll get one song each week till the album releases on March 29th.)     For me this project was about singing song together… almost like giving the songs back to the people… we have so much going for us in modern worship, but my burden is “Are people actually singing?”   My story is Read More
Episode 055: Good Manners for Guest Speakers (3/5/2019) - In this episode we sit down to talk about the what’s and why’s behind choosing guest speakers, as well as some “good manners” for guest speakers to abide by.     Part of the reason to have guest speakers is to bring something to your church that doesn’t exist on your team… like a new voice or a new thought… the body of Christ is much broader and more diverse than most churches can represent out of their own pulpits…   Another reason to have a guest speaker is because I want my church to know who my friends are… Read More
Episode 054: Tithing (2/27/2019) - In this episode we sit down about the spiritual discipline of tithing. Is it still a valid New Testament practice? What does the Scripture teach? How should we talk about it?     Tithing is the beginning point of generosity not the end point… when people argue with me about tithing, they’re never arguing because they want to give more… they’re looking for a reason not to give…   Tithing for me revealed motives that were deep in my heart… it revealed my fear of losing money or not having enough… tithing unsettled and stretched me and made me more Read More
Episode 053: The Why’s and How’s of Global Engagement (2/19/2019) - In this episode we sit down to talk about how the local church can responsibly and wisely enter into a robust engagement with the work of God’s Spirit around the world.     The mission of God has been a global story from the beginning… the trick that happens with any local church is that it’s easy to be insular…   A little perspective is sometimes what we need… we can often get lulled into a comfort where we’re surprised when bad things happen… we need the global for the gift of perspective…   Oftentimes when we go global, we Read More
Episode 052: Leading From The Middle (2/13/2019) - In this episode we discuss the opportunities and challenges of leading "from the middle" of an organization. How do we become catalysts for health, creativity, and even vision when we don't occupy the so-called "first chair"?     There’s a whole band of leadership that takes place “from the middle” where we are leading “upward” to those we report to, “downward” to those under our charge, and “laterally” among peers on the org. chart… we can be agents of change in that space…   We believe that vision can come from different places in the organization… Pastor Brady has prepared Read More
Episode 051: A Culture of Life (2/6/2019) - In light of the recent abortion legislation passed in New York, we sat down to talk about what it looks like for the Church to not only preach but also work for a culture of life.     It seems like there’s been a great battle for women’s rights, and there have been great advances… but to associate the abortion law with women’s health is difficult for many people because we believe that life begins at conception…   In the name of fighting for more rights, we’ve dropped the conversation about what our responsibility is to these creatures who have Read More
Episode 050: The Pastor As A Student (1/29/2019) - In this episode we sit down to talk about the pastor as a student. Why is it important that a pastor be an ongoing learner, and what does that look like?     One of the traps for a pastor is to only listen to your peers, to people who are right where you are… we need input that is qualitatively greater than our output…   We are those who have been entrusted with a message… for pastors, our work is words… so much of our life and ministry lives at the level of perception… that means that the pastor Read More
Episode 049: When Is It Time To Resign? (1/23/2019) - In this episode we sit down to talk about what qualifies and disqualifies a person for ministry. How do you know when it’s time to resign? What kinds of structure and culture do we need to have in our churches to keep them and those who lead them healthy over time?     God is not after perfection, but he is after holiness… I’m concerned that we’ve lowered the standards of holiness in the church… which means we’re holding leaders everywhere else in our culture to lower standards…   In our media-driven culture, we no longer look to 1stTimothy 3 Read More
Episode 048: Starting The Year Out Right (1/15/2019) - In this episode, we sit down to talk about how to start the congregational year out on the right foot. What should we do? What should we not do? How can January poise us for what the Lord wants to do in our churches over the next 11 months?     For us, we believe that starting the year out with worship, prayer, and the presence of the Lord does something for the rest of the year in the life of our church… if you can start the year in a holy way, the chances of you finishing in a holy Read More
Episode 047: A Conversation with Andrew Wilson (11/27/2018) - In this episode we sit down to talk to our friend Andrew Wilson about his new book Spirit and Sacrament: An Invitation to Eucharismatic Worship to talk about the what, why, and how of blending the charismatic and sacramental expressions.     https://www.spiritandsacrament.com/   I don’t remember where I first came up with the word (“eucharismatic”), but my history is that I have some Anglicanism in my childhood that was non-charismatic… and then I went to a charismatic church that had almost no awareness of the historical church…   At around six or seven years ago I started thinking there Read More