Episode 048: Starting The Year Out Right (1/15/2019) - In this episode, we sit down to talk about how to start the congregational year out on the right foot. What should we do? What should we not do? How can January poise us for what the Lord wants to do in our churches over the next 11 months?     For us, we believe that starting the year out with worship, prayer, and the presence of the Lord does something for the rest of the year in the life of our church… if you can start the year in a holy way, the chances of you finishing in a holy Read More
Episode 047: A Conversation with Andrew Wilson (11/27/2018) - In this episode we sit down to talk to our friend Andrew Wilson about his new book Spirit and Sacrament: An Invitation to Eucharismatic Worship to talk about the what, why, and how of blending the charismatic and sacramental expressions.     https://www.spiritandsacrament.com/   I don’t remember where I first came up with the word (“eucharismatic”), but my history is that I have some Anglicanism in my childhood that was non-charismatic… and then I went to a charismatic church that had almost no awareness of the historical church…   At around six or seven years ago I started thinking there Read More
Episode 046: What is ‘Multi-Congregational’? (Part 2) (11/21/2018) - In this episode (the second of two) we sit down and finish our conversation about the multi-congregational model New Life Church has developed over the last several years. Why we did it, how it works, and what opportunities and challenges it presents.     This model is not your friend if you value speed and scale… if you want to go fast, this isn’t for you… it’s a crockpot not a microwave… it’s also not a model for scalability… there’s a cap on it because of built-in relationships…   What we’ve decided is that there’s a circle around in our Read More
Episode 045: What is ‘Multi-Congregational’? (Part 1) (11/14/2018) - In this episode (the first of two) we sit down to talk about the multi-congregational model New Life has developed over the last several years—why we did it, how it works, and what opportunities and challenges it presents.     PART 1 SHOW NOTES   We stumbled into this, quite honestly… we knew we had a deep bench of teachers and preachers on our staff and we needed to infiltrate our city…   Brady was really taking a risk with me… he gave me a space to experiment and grow…   For us, we decided that the church should look Read More
Episode 044: The Pastor in Relationship (11/7/2018) - In this episode, we sit down to talk about the kinds of relationships pastors need to cultivate in order to live and lead from a healthy place.   This is particularly tricky for young pastors or church planters… on one level, this is the last question you think about – who’s leading me, who’s caring for me?   Part of the reason this is so tricky is that there’s a power differential here… it can make it tricky to know what you’re seeing with people… are people drawing near to us because they care for us, or because they need Read More
Episode 043: Why Church? (10/30/2018) - In this episode, we sit down to talk about the role of the local church in the life of the believer. In a time when many people see participation in the local church as optional, we try to answer the question, “Why Church?"     I don’t know how we got here but it certainly is a different day… many feel that they can practice their faith in other ways [than being part of a local church]… and it didn’t used to be like that… it used to be that this was the neighborhood and this is where we go Read More
Special Episode: Remembering Eugene (10/26/2018) - In this special episode we sit down to talk about the life and legacy of Eugene Peterson.     First, I think Eugene’s generosity of spirit [most marks me]… he should have never let me into his life, but he did… he’s a pastor…   Eugene’s commitment to the life of the mind [also marks me]… from 6am to 11am every day he would lock himself in his study to be with the Lord and his own mind… and then would spend the rest of the day at church with open office hours till 5pm…   These days people read Read More
Episode 042: Creating Robust Community (10/23/2018) - In this episode, we sit down to talk about the practical challenge of creating a robust sense of community in our local churches.     The American church is getting drawn into a culture that celebrates celebrity and entertainment and entertainment-type gatherings… a lot of [pastors] fall into the trap of trying to attract customers rather than building community…   Most pastors are struggling with building small groups and community inside their churches, no matter the size… we’re facing some headwinds…   The first headwind is that we’re becoming very tribal… to find places where you belong is challenging if Read More
Episode 041: The Art of Making Big Decisions – Eight Questions to Ask (10/17/2018) - In this episode, we sit down to discuss eight questions leaders should ask themselves as they follow the Lord’s leading through big decisions.     [You can see Pastor Brady’s Eight Questions at the bottom of the podcast notes. If you are able, it might be helpful to view these while listening!]   I’m finding that seminaries are turning out great preachers and teachers… but by their own admission they have fallen short in preparing young men and women for the entrepreneurial [aspects of pastoring]… A lot of pastors make big mistakes that cost them equity with their congregations…   Read More
Special Episode: Announcing The Essential Church Learning Community (10/10/2018) - In this episode, we sit down to talk about the “what” and “why” behind the launch of our Essential Church Learning Community.     https://newlifechurch.brushfire.com/events/447094   On Feb 19-20thof 2019 we’re launching our first Essential Church Learning Community… We want to get together with leaders who are hungry to learn in an intentional environment… to explore topics we’re all wrestling with…   In a traditional conference setting, you have one person on the stage giving their best talk… I often walk away from those with 30 questions about what I’ve heard… usually there isn’t space for that in those conferences… Read More