Episode 000: Welcome

Welcome to the Essential Church Podcast. As we prepare for releasing our first episodes on Wednesday, we want to encourage you to connect with us on twitter at @EssentialChurch.


3 thoughts on “Episode 000: Welcome

  1. Just wondering if you have ever read Thom Rainers book, “essential church” an excellent read. We were subscribed to the @essentialchurch account on twitter. That account has been scold to for some time. We were very surprised when that account came back to life and began talking about your ministry. We were very pleased. We will be watching. We are building a very interesting church by the Help of The Holy Spirit at Crab Orchard KY- Cedar Street Church of God. An exciting church. One we believe to be extra ordinary and essential ourselves.

    1. Hi Rob!
      We’re so glad to hear you’re following along with us. Mr Rainer was gracious enough to let us use the old twitter account in order to work on this project. Blessings on you and Cedar Street Chruch of God.
      Grace and Peace,
      The Essential Church Team

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