Episode 002: Worship in the Church Pt. 2

We were joined by Pastors Jon Egan and Dr. Pete Sanchez for the second part of a conversation on worship. We talked about topics ranging from what worship is, to choosing songs for a worship service. Listen in on the conversation now!


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Show Notes:
ECP Show Notes – EPISODE 002

“If God is who he says he is…when people come to the Sunday morning service they ought to understand that this could be a transformational moment…”

“Leaders need to spend more time agreeing on what worship is…if we don’t know what it is, our people won’t know…”

“Worship is responding to all that God is (that is, it’s revelation) with all that we are…”

“What I hope will happen at a gathering is what I know could happen at a gathering…that when the singers sing [together] deliverance comes…the key is unity on what worship is…”

“[Part of] what makes the church a troubling mess on Sunday morning is how many different types of people are sitting with us…God is doing something uniquely different in each of these people…so you have to be sensitive to what God is doing in all groups…”

“Songs are the greatest unifier that we have been given…in a world that is so individualistic…singing together is so humbling…you can’t sing with passion and keep your guard up…”

“God is trying to create a new humanity by the power of his Spirit…so when we gather…we are glimpsing the end of all things and also experiencing it is the present which prophetically puts it into motion…”

“Congregational worship is God showing us [together] the way home…”

“Worship allows us to sing about the morning while living at midnight…”

“When we get to the Table, there are no ‘roles’ anymore…we are just the people of God, consuming Him and being consumed by Him…it’s been a remarkable thing…it’s been revival…”

Questions for You and Your Team

1) What’s your team’s concept of what is happening when your church gathers for corporate worship? How can that be strengthened or enriched?

2) How well do you do at continually reinforcing the “why” of corporate worship for your people?

3) To what extent do the songs you choose for worship speak to the great, unseen, corporate realities the Scriptures speak of?

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