New Resource: Roman’s Preaching Guide

Hey Essential Church friends—


We’re really excited to share with you a resource we’ve developed.


Last fall our teaching team at New Life preached through the entire book of Romans. It was a thrilling and incredibly enriching experience that left both our congregation and our teaching team edified.


To guide us as a team on our journey, we created the Romans Preacher’s Guide; which we’re now making available to you on Amazon.


The guide includes:

  • A short historical and theological overview of the book of Romans
  • Big “preaching themes” to keep in mind
  • Reflections and suggested “preaching pathways” on each chapter
  • A short list of recommended resources


The Preacher’s Guide is available in electronic format for $6.99 or in paperback for $7.99. If you’re planning on or even considering preaching through the book of Romans (or even just working through it in an adult education or Sunday school class), go ahead and pick it up. We think it will be a big help to you.


And, of course, we’d love any feedback you can give. You can email


Grace to you,


Andrew Arndt

Associate Teaching Pastor

New Life Church

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